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Advanced Audio Recorder 8.5

It is a program that allows you to record audio files
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Advanced Audio Recorder is a smart application that enables you to record sounds or your voice on your computer with the help of a microphone. After you finish recording, you can modify the output as you wish, by using the "Edit" function.

The program provides you with a comprehensive list of options that you may apply to the recorded sound. These options include: amplify, fade, compressor, delay, echo, noise reduction, and many others. Advanced Audio Recorder also allows you to use these options in order to edit any other audio file on your computer, as soon as you load it into the program. You can also load a CD in the application in order to apply these options. The output of this utility can be saved in MP3, OGG, WMA, or WAV formats.

It has a series of keyboard shortcuts, such as a hotkey for "start recording" (F2), and another one for "stop recording" (F3) that simplify the use of the app. This program also enables you to schedule a recording, so that it will automatically start the process at a moment of your choice. The program can be scheduled to start daily or weekly.

With Advanced Audio Recorder, you can also burn your recorded sounds, or audio files from your computer on a CD.

To conclude with, Advanced Audio Recorder proves particularly helpful when you require a complex application to qualitatively record and edit sounds.

Abbie Crang
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